After two years of reflection, I have temporarily ceased my activity as a psychotherapist on 16 December 2022.

A Gestalt therapist trained at the École Parisienne de Gestalt, I’ve been practising in Saône et Loire since 2013, in French and English. My interest in bodywork began when I was a child, with dance, handball as a sports student, then aikido and, for the last ten years, yoga. I completed my training with Ruella Frank and Helena Kallner in developmental somatic psychotherapy and with James Kepner on bodily processes. Bodily awareness of being in the world is at the heart of my practice.

To this dimension, which is so dear to me as a Gestalt therapist, I like to associate narrative practices, which propose to understand how the personal beliefs of individuals or groups, their perceptions and the interpretations they draw from them, shape both the image they have of themselves and the relationships they build with others. Individuals are then encouraged to reconstruct their image of themselves and their life in a way that is more in line with their values and dreams, to adopt interpersonal relationships that are more in line with their desires and to become “authors of their lives” once again.

Holder of the CEP (European Certificate in Psychotherapy)