My early professional experience was in the international banking and finance community, in large companies (Société Générale, Thomson Financial), a medium sized company (GL TRADE) and a start-up (4CAST) in both France and abroad. I worked for 5 years in the City of London and 6 months in Singapore (where I opened up a branch) in sales and management positions (e.g. European Sales Director). Fifteen years spent in a constantly changing world at such a fast pace convinced me that better management of “human capital” is the key to success.

I have been a member of EMCC France since I graduated in 2006. I am currently an accredited Supervisor ESIA trained with CSA (where I am a faculty member) and an accredited coach EIA Senior Practitioner. I am also a Gestalt Therapist and Gestalt Practioner in Organisation (EAGT). I have been practising aïkido, dance and now mostly yoga since I was young. I am also trained in Leadership Embodiment. I have written a chapter on “the body in supervision” in a collective book in French with supervisors from the CSA Faculty that should be edited beginning of 2023. I have been coaching for more than 17 years and supervising for 9 years. I am also in charge of the Accreditation team and assessor for EMCC France.

Today, my motivation to accompany others as a coach, a supervisor and a trainer in coaching/supervision is to contribute to a better world by raising the awareness of individuals and organisations. I believe that coachs and supervisors are the catalysts to a better world of « love and humanity » driving us rather than fear, and that we need to be more of us to reach a level that will allow the change of paradigm.

My philosophy and vision of coaching is anchored in the belief that we are all united and that we all belong to the same planet Earth and therefore are interdependant. What happens to me, happens to all of us and vice-versa. I also trust the power of the heart and intuition. Less is more…

The theoretical principles that shape my current practice are Gestalt, Narrative Practices, Transactional Analysis, Non Violent Communication, Leadership Embodiment/aïkido and yoga. For the past five years, I have been mixing all of them. Since the pandemic, I have noticed how the complexity level has risen in the organisations and my practice with more cases dealing with mental health and limits (exhaustion, diseases, burnout, harrassment, etc.). I am also observing how the restorative part of my work with coaches and coachees has significantly increased. I have therefore created several processes to meet these needs and answer these recurring requests.

I presented one of these processes at the Journées Francophones des Pratiques Narratives in Lyon on June 1st and 2nd, in person and in French and at the 28th EMCC Global conference from 8 to 10 June, in English and by zoom, at the conference of the Norvegian Gestalt Institute in Oslo on October 29th and 30th, in person and in English.