Heart-based supervision offers a powerful and hopeful approach for supervisors, coaches, and facilitators in a world described as BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Non-linear, and Incomprehensible). This book delves deeply into the concept of “being human together” and emphasizes the importance of heart-centered relationships in supervision, which have the power to foster profound reflective conversations and positive transformation in a complex and ambiguous world.

Unlike many other books on supervision that focus on “knowing,” “know-how,” and “behavioral know-how,” this book distinguishes itself by exploring the profound dimension of “being human together.” It draws on recent research on empathy, compassion, creative intelligence, and embodiment to offer a relationship-centered and heart-based approach – and is also groundbreaking because it is written in french for a french speaking audience bringing new approaches, new contributions and new practices to the current discourse.

This book offers hope and inspiration for supervisors, coaches, and facilitators seeking to make a positive impact in their practice and the world around them.

The six co-authors are experienced professionals in the field of supervision, coaching, and leadership accompaniment. Their collective expertise and dedication aims to raise awareness among coaching and facilitation professionals of the beauty, musicality, and power of heart-based supervision. They hope to inspire readers to engage in creative and bold exchanges in their coaching or supervision practice, connecting human to human, heart to heart.